– South East Asia to England

The last 6 weeks at South West Shipping have been incredibly challenging and rewarding. We have been working tirelessly to help two local entrepreneurs start their business importing products from South East Asia and China. Not only have we helped them with our years of experience dealing with freight transportation and logistical matters, Stuart has been been able to offer additional help with our knowledge of the local customs and business culture. And, in a slightly different role than normal, Wendy has been assisting with their IT setup and systems implementation. Bringing the wisdom she’s learnt from organising Stuart’s office systems.

At South West Shipping we believe that the key for staying successful in the current economic climate is working together with other local businesses, diversification, and the sharing of knowledge and expertise. That’s why we are happy to help other businesses get started. Wendy has also started a training course to become a digital champion for East Devon seeking out opportunities to improve the Information Technology skills of people that most need them. Watch this space for further developments!

In addition to helping the local entrepreneurs start their own business, and with Wendy brushing up on her ICT skills we have launched our  new Ebay Auction Mate Service to make shipping within the United Kingdom or Internationally that little bit easier for you. We have also helped a family of four relocate to New Zealand and made sure their favourite sofa made it in time to sit down and unwind infront of the box!

We are hoping that you’ll continue to keep us busy, and make use of our fantastic range of services. Or switch your business’s freight forwarding company to us. You might be surprised at the level of service we provide.

So please, get in touch and see what we, at South West Shipping, can do for you!