– Mammoth Road Trip !

South West Shipping Worldwide European Road Freight Services is always the safest way to return some missing tusks back to Poland .

With a service that got them back in less than 48 hours! Our Road Freight forwarding service is second to none. With years of experience in shipping, logistics and freight transportation, South West Shipping understands exactly how important reliable and cost-effective shipping is. We know that there is nothing more crucial for a business than ensuring that your cargo and freight arrive at their destination safely, on time and for a competitive rate. South West Shipping has trailers loading at all major distribution centres, delivering part loads and pallets all across Europe every day. Our Road Freight Service also offers dedicated full loads from door to door, timed and dated to your instructions. Which means, we can ship quickly, cheaply and get your items overseas as quickly as we can.

South West Shipping deals with shipping many unusual items all over the global, and this is just one example of them! Of course we don’t just go around advertising everything we ship, our service is confidential, but with interesting stories like this (and your permission), we can share a little bit more about what we do!

Using our fast, efficient and a personal service, what will you ship next? Contact us for a quote!

– Dual Powered Solar and Electric Boat

Express Courier Update:  South West Shipping customers are at the forefront of clean energy development, leading the way suppling Northern America and Europe with cutting edge transport solutions. Some say that British industry is falling behind? Well,  not on our  watch. This is a working solar and electric dual power boat, that our clients are shipping all over the world

At South West Shipping, we maintain substantial contracts with the four market leaders in worldwide express courier services. This means our customers benefit from our personal service, from next day 09.00am delivery, to a 5 day economy service, with huge global coverage at highly competitive rates. We search the market, so that you don’t have to!

Furthermore, we can provide updates for you so you don’t have to keep an eye on that tracking page, we’ll do it for you and simply send you a SMS message, email or give you a call when that consignment arrives. Or if you require a more detailed tracking service, with step-by-step updates as your order moves across the globe, we’ll be happy to do that for you.

The future is bright, and with us, it arrives a little sooner. Contact us for a shipping quote, or try our fantastic new Ebay Service. We are here to work for you, so put us to good use!