From our beautiful location in the South West of England we look after our clients both locally and further afield, specialising in freight forwarding. South West Shipping Worldwide was established in 1979 and since then has continued to build a portfolio of very loyal clients who rely on our high quality service, knowledge and experience. Working across every major trade market, we Fly, Ship and Truck an amazing variety and range of products, from dinosaur bones to biofuel converters.

As well as a wide range of professional Import and Export Services for commercial clients, we also specialise in International Shipping Services for private individuals, ranging from full International House Removals to eBay packages. All our work is carried out with great care and a positive outcome.

We also offer numerous receiving & dispatch facilities, throughout the United Kingdom and further afield.

We provide tremendous flexibility and good communication with all markets, especially South East Asia and North America, whatever time of day or night. Our partners at London Heathrow, Southampton and Felixstowe offer similar facilities.

So that’s a little bit about where we are, and what we do. But the question remains, who are South West Shipping?

The two key players in the team at South West Shipping, staffing the office are Stuart and Wendy Black.

Stuart Black, Managing Director and Owner of South West Shipping LTD. He oversees the day-to-day management and control of freight forwarding & logistics services provider. Stuart will guide you through importing/exporting, and International House Removals amongst other things.

Wendy Black, Logistics, Sales and Technology Infrastructure manager at South West Shipping. She takes the jargon and mystery out of ICT and shipping, translating Stuarts knowledge and experience to ordinary people. Wendy has also expanded into offering additional services to individuals within the South West Community, such as Technology clinics and ICT Training.

Between the two of them, and numerous partners all over the global they work hard to make your life easier.

So get in touch and see what we can do for you!