– Air Freight update

In this economy, remaining competitive often requires innovative thinking and cutting costs where ever possible! Whilst we can help reduce your shipping costs, we thought we’d tell you a little about one of our clients who was so fed up with rising fuel prices, they turned to us to for a solution, using air freight.
As a freight forwarding service, we see a lot! This means, whilst maintaining client confidentially, we can often advise clients a little more than our competitors can. So what can we do at South West Shipping, in our office in Sidmouth, Devon about rising fuel prices?
Well, nothing about the actual price!
However, we advised them to look into biofuel converter kits and we helped bring one over from the USA, via air freight to reduce his diesel costs. We even tracked down a handy guide on how to do it! Our client’s van is now happily trundling along on vegetable oil!

South West Shipping provides a competitive range of worldwide air freight forwarding solutions designed around your needs. Our global Air freight service provides you with the tools to meet the demand for increasingly faster air freight shipping transit times.
South West Shipping’s worldwide network of agents ensure your consignments, along with the appropriate documentation, will be moved safely and quickly to their destination, at the best possible affordable price. Our worldwide airfreight service is tailor-made to fit your exact requirements. Furthermore, we provide all our services in plain English. We remove the technical jargon that goes along with sending consignments across borders and provide a wide number of tracking facilities to ensure you never lose sight of your shipment.