– South East Asia to England

The last 6 weeks at South West Shipping have been incredibly challenging and rewarding. We have been working tirelessly to help two local entrepreneurs start their business importing products from South East Asia and China. Not only have we helped them with our years of experience dealing with freight transportation and logistical matters, Stuart has been been able to offer additional help with our knowledge of the local customs and business culture. And, in a slightly different role than normal, Wendy has been assisting with their IT setup and systems implementation. Bringing the wisdom she’s learnt from organising Stuart’s office systems.

At South West Shipping we believe that the key for staying successful in the current economic climate is working together with other local businesses, diversification, and the sharing of knowledge and expertise. That’s why we are happy to help other businesses get started. Wendy has also started a training course to become a digital champion for East Devon seeking out opportunities to improve the Information Technology skills of people that most need them. Watch this space for further developments!

In addition to helping the local entrepreneurs start their own business, and with Wendy brushing up on her ICT skills we have launched our  new Ebay Auction Mate Service to make shipping within the United Kingdom or Internationally that little bit easier for you. We have also helped a family of four relocate to New Zealand and made sure their favourite sofa made it in time to sit down and unwind infront of the box!

We are hoping that you’ll continue to keep us busy, and make use of our fantastic range of services. Or switch your business’s freight forwarding company to us. You might be surprised at the level of service we provide.

So please, get in touch and see what we, at South West Shipping, can do for you!

– Mammoth Road Trip !

South West Shipping Worldwide European Road Freight Services is always the safest way to return some missing tusks back to Poland .

With a service that got them back in less than 48 hours! Our Road Freight forwarding service is second to none. With years of experience in shipping, logistics and freight transportation, South West Shipping understands exactly how important reliable and cost-effective shipping is. We know that there is nothing more crucial for a business than ensuring that your cargo and freight arrive at their destination safely, on time and for a competitive rate. South West Shipping has trailers loading at all major distribution centres, delivering part loads and pallets all across Europe every day. Our Road Freight Service also offers dedicated full loads from door to door, timed and dated to your instructions. Which means, we can ship quickly, cheaply and get your items overseas as quickly as we can.

South West Shipping deals with shipping many unusual items all over the global, and this is just one example of them! Of course we don’t just go around advertising everything we ship, our service is confidential, but with interesting stories like this (and your permission), we can share a little bit more about what we do!

Using our fast, efficient and a personal service, what will you ship next? Contact us for a quote!

– Dual Powered Solar and Electric Boat

Express Courier Update:  South West Shipping customers are at the forefront of clean energy development, leading the way suppling Northern America and Europe with cutting edge transport solutions. Some say that British industry is falling behind? Well,  not on our  watch. This is a working solar and electric dual power boat, that our clients are shipping all over the world

At South West Shipping, we maintain substantial contracts with the four market leaders in worldwide express courier services. This means our customers benefit from our personal service, from next day 09.00am delivery, to a 5 day economy service, with huge global coverage at highly competitive rates. We search the market, so that you don’t have to!

Furthermore, we can provide updates for you so you don’t have to keep an eye on that tracking page, we’ll do it for you and simply send you a SMS message, email or give you a call when that consignment arrives. Or if you require a more detailed tracking service, with step-by-step updates as your order moves across the globe, we’ll be happy to do that for you.

The future is bright, and with us, it arrives a little sooner. Contact us for a shipping quote, or try our fantastic new Ebay Service. We are here to work for you, so put us to good use!

– Roll on London 2012!

London 2012 – SWS are currently working with pioneering market leading companies across the globe, maintaining the supply chain so that these enormous stadiums will be completed on time. Chances are that you have probably sat on some of the seating we have shipped, whether you are in Liverpool or Canada as we work with the current world leaders in spectator &  stadium seating.

Due to the large nature of the consignments that we’ve been bringing in, we have been using Ocean freight shipping. For each of our customers, South West Shipping is ready and able to provide  a clear predictable broad range of International Ocean Freight planning services, ensuring customers are offered the best routes, rates and modes of shipping. We can ship goods door to door, from almost anywhere in the world. Together, we’ll work with you to determine the right solutions to meet your international ocean freight needs.

Dealing with Customs internationally is often an absolute nightmare, especially considering the diversity of country-specific requirements, documentation and restrictions on importing goods. Not with South West Shipping, we navigate through the paperwork for you and work with you to make the whole process as painless as possible.

South West Shipping’s Customs documentation preparation and processing includes export declarations, bills of lading and letter of credit documentation. We send advance notice of shipments to banks, shippers, and consignees.

We use only the most reputable carriers for ocean freight transportation and sea freight shipping.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with us, and lets work together to solve your logistical challenges

Let the games begin! Roll on the 2012 Olympics !

– Slate and Granite

When Road or Rail won’t do! One of the UK’s biggest Reclaim Specialist has received another regular sea freight shipment of Slate and Granite, again without delay, and at the best price possible! Yet, it wasn’t all straightforward this time!
The quarry is in the middle of southern China with no road or rail links …So what did we do?
From our office in Sidmouth, Devon, South West Shipping sent a barge from the port up the river to collect the cargo and deliver it on time to the port for sailing to the U.K. South West Shipping’s ocean freight forwarding services include shipment pickup, cargo transfer to dock, warehousing services, International cargo insurance, and any specialist requirements our customers need to provide a complete door-to-door service.
SWS have dependable strong international trade links and a strong  network of agents that gives our clients clear communication whilst their goods are in transit.  This minimises potential problems with cross border trading. South West Shipping’s Customs documentation preparation and processing includes export declarations, bills of lading and letter of credit documentation. We send advance notice of shipments to banks, shippers, and consignees.
We use only the most reputable carriers for ocean freight transportation and sea freight shipping.
So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with us, and lets work together to solve your logistical challenges.
Another successful Sea Freight Shipment, and another satisfied client!

– Air Freight update

In this economy, remaining competitive often requires innovative thinking and cutting costs where ever possible! Whilst we can help reduce your shipping costs, we thought we’d tell you a little about one of our clients who was so fed up with rising fuel prices, they turned to us to for a solution, using air freight.
As a freight forwarding service, we see a lot! This means, whilst maintaining client confidentially, we can often advise clients a little more than our competitors can. So what can we do at South West Shipping, in our office in Sidmouth, Devon about rising fuel prices?
Well, nothing about the actual price!
However, we advised them to look into biofuel converter kits and we helped bring one over from the USA, via air freight to reduce his diesel costs. We even tracked down a handy guide on how to do it! Our client’s van is now happily trundling along on vegetable oil!

South West Shipping provides a competitive range of worldwide air freight forwarding solutions designed around your needs. Our global Air freight service provides you with the tools to meet the demand for increasingly faster air freight shipping transit times.
South West Shipping’s worldwide network of agents ensure your consignments, along with the appropriate documentation, will be moved safely and quickly to their destination, at the best possible affordable price. Our worldwide airfreight service is tailor-made to fit your exact requirements. Furthermore, we provide all our services in plain English. We remove the technical jargon that goes along with sending consignments across borders and provide a wide number of tracking facilities to ensure you never lose sight of your shipment.